Tabbouleh $12.00

Finely chopped parsley, tomato, onion mixed with burghul (cracked wheat), lemon juice & virgin olive oil

Fattoush $12.00

Mixed greens with sumac, mint, pomegranate syrup, vinaigrette dressing & crispy bread

Caesar salad $10.00

lettuce & crouton mixed with creamy Caesar dressing & parmesan.  Add grilled chicken pieces +$4

Olive salad: $12.00

A mix of chopped Green olives, carrot, lemon, walnut with olive oil & homemade dressing

Artichoke salad $11.00

Chopped artichoke with parsley & tomato tossed with garlic, lemon juice & olive oil

Malfouf salad $10.00

Chopped cabbage with dried mint tossed with garlic, lemon juice & olive oil


Hummus $9.00

Blend of Chickpeas puree, tahini & lemon juice, dressed with olive oil

Hummus Beiruti $9.00

Finely chopped parsley, tomato, onion mixed with burghul (cracked wheat), lemon juice & virgin olive oil

Shanglish $12.00

Naturally dried yogurt formed into balls covered by oregano & spices

Muttabal $11.00

Smoked eggplant pureed and blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice & traditional dressings

Salatet el Raheb $11.00

Smoked eggplant puree mixed with capsicum, lemon, mint, parsley & lemon juice

Beitenjan with tahini $10.00

Fried eggplant with tahini & traditional spices

Grape leaves $12.00

Grape leaves filled with tomato, onion, parsley, rice, lemon juice & traditional spices

Muhammara Halabi: $12.00

A smooth paste of capsicum molasses, bread crumbs, walnut, olive oil & spices

Labneh B’ toum: $9.00

Naturally dried yogurt blended with garlic, mint dressed with olive oil

Labnet Teta $14.00

Naturally thickened yogurt

Banadora mkhamara: $10.00

A freshly chopped tomato with garlic, sumac & spices

Basturma lamb $17.00

Thoroughly air-dried lamb fillet with Armenian’s traditional spices served with pickles (cucumber, garlic & onion)

Batata meshwie $10.00

Grilled potato puree with garlic, onion & traditional spices

Habra naye : $25.00

Minced raw lamb blended with onion & Shaam’s spices

Kibbeh naye $23.00

Minced raw lamb blended with burghul (cracked wheat), onion & Shaam’s spices


Hummus B’lahme $14.00

Hummus with spiced lamb & pine nuts, dressed with olive oil

Nakanek : $12.00

Lamb sausage mixed with meat, wine, pine nuts & spices, dressed with pomegranate sauce

Sujuk $12.00

– Beef & lamb sausages

dry sausage blended with garlic, hint of chili & Armenian’s traditional spices

Haloumi meshwi $14.00

grilled haloumi cheese served with tomato, cucumber & mint

Falafel: $10.00

A mix of grounded chickpeas, coriander, garlic & Shaam’ spices served with sumac, tahini, tomato & pickles

Lahem bil fakhar $15.00

Minced lamb mixed with pine nuts & traditional spices

Batata harrah $10.00

Fried potato cubes mixed with coriander, garlic, touch of chili & traditional dressing

Kibbeh traboulsye (1p) $3.00

Shell made of minced meat & burghul (cracked wheat) stuffed with meat, onion, pine nuts & mixed spices.

Sambousek (1p) $2.50

Fried homemade pastries filled with minced meat, onion, pine nuts & spices